CFS Tech supplies non loading and loadbearing Steel studs. We also supply composite studs, as well as Megajoist and Deltasuds.

CFS Tech also supplies composite steel deck. This composite deck has up to 2 hour fire rating unprotected and with a total depth of 11''. The STC rating is up to 70.



Composite DeltaStud

Composite Deck


Perforated ‘’C’’ section profile in light gauge steel.

Hole Diameter from 4 3/4’’ to 7 3/4’’.

Available gauges 0.033 to 0.068.

Height of profile 8’’ to 14’’.

Flange width 1 5/8’’ to 3’’.

Galvanized G60.

Precut with hole alignment.

Pre-engineered load tables.

Spans up to 24’.

15% to 40 % lighter.

Openenings accomodate for services such as mechanical.

Reduces sound and thermal breaks.


Perforated ‘’C’’ section in light gauge steel.

Hole diameter 2 ¼ ’’ to 3 ½ ’’.

Gauges 0.033 to 0.068.

Profile depth 3 5/8 ‘’ to 8 ’’.

Flange size 1 5/8’’ to 3’’.

Galvanized G60.

Precut lengths and hole alignment.

Pre-engineered load tables.

15% to 40 % lighter than conventional studs.

Reduces sound transition as well as thermal breaks.

10% to 15 % more axial load capacity than a conventional stud.

Holes accommodate services.

Composite DeltaStud

Composite DeltaStuds were developed for architectural pre-cast; site cast or tilt wall steel framed/concrete interior or exterior structural load bearing or curtain wall composite panels with all the thermal benefits of the Delta product line.( improving R Values and Sound Ratings ) This light weight concrete cladding panel system will reduce foundations, super structure, cost and installation time by 50%. Composite panels are made from standard components with unlimited design capabilities. Earth Quake, Blast and Hurricane Resistant, self-insulating as well as excellent sound absorbing qualities creates a LEED accredited system excellent for renovations as well as new construction and is currently being used extensively by the military on various bases as well as private sector.

Precision roll formed flanges & the stamped rim of each opening provides greater stiffness, heavier loads and longer spans.

Open web design provides the rigidity of conventional “C” stud made of thicker gauge steel profiles.

Stamped openings make it easy to route all services. Open-web design provides built-in paths for installing conduit, plumbing & even small HVAC.

A higher strength-to-mass ratio than conventional studs & joists delivers proven structural performance and longer unsupported spans to simplify construction.

Flexibility of sizes & configurations, with weights of 15 – 25% less.

Custom lengths, knockout alignments, & solid web ends are manufactured to specification and extremely tight tolerances.

Reduced Sound Transmission and Excellent STC ratings on walls and floors.

Composite Deck

Provides safe working platform during construction.

Up to 30' spans.

Thin floor system.

Fast install (5,000 SQFT/day).

Provides greater architectural options.

Easy to install.

Compatible with all structures.

The profile accommodates all services.

50% lighter than an 8’’ conventional slab.

Shop drawings included .

Pre-engineered load table.

Installed with only 7 components.

One way slab.

High strength to weight ratio.

Fire Rating 90 min to 2h unprotected.

STC 56 with 2 ½ ‘’ of concrete, with furring and 5/8’’gypsum board.